The history of K&L Auto Sales started with long-time friends, Mickey Kelley and Millard Long, who were working for the local Plymouth and Jeep Dealership. After several years of working there, Mickey and Millard decided to start a business of their own. With their wives, Carole Kelley and Della Long, K&L Auto Sales was formed on April 1, 1967. The business started with an Esso Gas Station, Used Vehicles, Service Work, and Body Work. It was located on 13th Street in Renovo, Pa. It did not take long for K&L Auto Sales to outgrow the facility on 13th Street. The old A&P building on 6th street, Renovo, Pa. was then purchased. After a period of renovation, K&L Auto Sales moved into the building in 1971. The business continued to grow when in June of 1972, the Chevrolet-Oldsmobile line of new vehicles was acquired. Mickey and Millard, anticipating future needs, purchased four acres of land along RT 120 in North Bend, PA. In 1983, used car offices and a Recon facility were built. To keep abreast with the ever-growing business, K&L Auto Sales in 1985 built a new facility on its land in North Bend, Pa. This new facility included a show room and office complex. In 1988 a new state-of-the-art service facility was added to finish the new K&L Auto Sales complex. The growth of K&L Auto Sales continued in 1992, when it acquired the line of new Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Dodge Truck, Jeep and Eagle. In 1994, Jamie Kelley was made a partner with Mickey and Millard. Jamie Kelley, who is the son of Mickey and Carole Kelley, began working for K&L Auto Sales in 1975.

In 1996, when K&L Auto Sales learned that RT 120 which led to the North Bend facliltiy was to be closed for ten months due to major road construction, they purchased two acres of land along busy RT 150 in Mill Hall, Pa. A new Used Car Sales and Service facility was built to better serve the needs of K&L Auto Sales' existing and growing customer base. K&L Auto Sales is proud of its forty qualified and devoted employees, some who have worked for the company since 1967. These employees, who all live in Clinton County, help make K&L Auto Sales a family business. The successful forty-three year history of K&L Auto Sales would not have happened without the support of family, friends, employees, and especially loyal customers. K&L Auto Sales invites you to visit their facilities on RT 120 in North Bend and on RT 150 in Mill Hall to enjoy the unique experience of what a family business has to offer.

Rt. 120 North Bend, PO Box 192
Renovo, PA 17764 
Phone 570-923-0722
Toll Free 800-932-3346
Fax 570-923-0298 
Mill Hall
Rt. 150, Mill Hall, PA 17751
Phone 570-726-2297 
Toll Free 800-932-3346 
Fax 570-726-3168